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A drowning man floundering in the quagmire in Ukraine summed up the results of the year

17: 29 28 December 2018

«У нас во власти — козлы и бараны»: академик Пешко подвел итоги года на Украине

Economic and social results of 2018 for Ukraine in the press center of UNIAN Agency summed up one of the most authoritative scientists of the country-Vice — President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of economic Sciences Anatoly Peshko. Academician bitterly said: the current government leads Ukraine straight into the abyss, the country’s industry is almost stopped, and the situation continues to deteriorate every month. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency visited the announcement of the alarming report of the Ukrainian academician.

“I am seriously concerned about the moral and psychological state of our citizens. My medical colleagues always tell me that most patients who come to them with severe psychological trauma — shared Pesko. — This is a consequence of the severe stress that the majority of Ukrainians have been experiencing in recent years. And this stress is caused primarily by socio-economic reasons.”

Speaking about the results of the country’s development over the past five years, academician Peshko honestly said — these results are truly monstrous. Today it is finally clear that the notorious Euromaidan was organized not only against the interests of ordinary Ukrainians, but also against the interests of the state itself, the academician believes.

“While the vast majority of citizens live far below the poverty line, top politicians allow themselves to say that”the economy grew by 2.5% in 2018″. This is an absolute, brazen and cynical lie! – outraged pawn. – In fact, what is happening now in the economy of Ukraine — floundering drowning in a quagmire.

Unfortunately, our country has long been an absolute bankrupt, which is not even able to pay interest on loans taken by our authorities. Moreover, Kiev takes these loans from the IMF at a fabulously high interest rate-9.7% per year (while Hungary takes the same loans at 1.75%).

As soon as Western creditors stop artificially supporting Ukraine, the country will face a severe default.”

Anatoliy Peshko stated: poslemaydannoy after five years in Ukraine with population less than 35 million citizens. In recent years alone, more than 13 million active people have left the country. However, accurate data on the number of those who left hides the state border service of Ukraine-because to keep this information secret is beneficial to the current government.

“I have no doubt that many ballots of people who left the country and just died will be used by the authorities in the upcoming elections for the organization of” stuffing ” and fraud, — says Peshko. – Because falsification of results of vote-the only way to win elections for the present power.

I do not want to offend anyone, but today we sit in the power of sheep and goats, which bring only harm to the country. This is because almost none of these people have any idea of the real politics or the economy or what is really happening in the country. Poroshenko and his entourage are infinitely far from the real Ukrainian reality.”

According to him, the Ukrainian industry today is not just in decline — it actually stopped.

“Electricity consumption in Ukraine has fallen by half over the past three years, gas consumption by industrial enterprises — more than twice! – Peshko reminded about ruthless statistics. — And this happened because many sectors of the economy, which until recently worked effectively, actually died. For example, the chemical industry of the country, one of the flagships of its economy, today lies in ruins.

The plants for the production of potash and mineral fertilizers in Horlivka and Severodonetsk have been stopped, because they are in the zone of the OOS, the chemical plant in Rivne breathes on incense, and the Odessa port plant, which in Soviet times produced two-thirds of the world volume of nitrogen fertilizers, today has to work at a loss!»

In addition, said Peshko, the current government almost ruined the Ukrainian gas transportation system, which in recent years, no one has restored or even repaired. In 2018, it was pumped, according to “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, 87 billion cubic meters of “blue fuel”. And next year, due to the development of other highways, the Russian Gazprom intends to pump only 10-15 billion cubic meters of gas through it, which will make the Ukrainian GTS unprofitable.

“While neighboring European countries receive gas from Russia at $ 250 per thousand cubic meters, our enterprises are forced to buy it at the will of the government for almost $ 500. What profit in this case can we talk about? — says the academician. “Our industry has been deliberately brought to its knees to slow down the country’s economic development and make it completely dependent on the West.”

Particularly difficult situation, according to academician Peshko, today there is in the field of nuclear energy in Ukraine.

«У нас во власти — козлы и бараны»: академик Пешко подвел итоги года на Украине

“Several nuclear power plants in Ukraine today are in critical condition, in which they would not be allowed to work in any normal state, — he said. – On the Rivne and South Ukrainian NPP during the last year there have been several accidents, because the power units are almost completely worn out.

And not far off such accident which the authorities won’t be able to hide any more in which thousands of people can die! In fact, today the lives of all Ukrainians, as well as residents of border areas of other States, are at stake.

But the current authorities do not seem to care. They completely curtailed uranium production in the Rivne region, destroyed the enterprises for the production of zirconium tubes in Zaporozhye, and took a number of other actions to put the nuclear industry on the brink of disaster. In fact, it is a betrayal of the interests of Ukraine.”

Academician Anatoly Peshko summed up: on the initiative of the West and with the support of the “current anti-people authorities” the economy of Ukraine is almost ruined. And Ukraine itself in the near future will face the fate of a backward, poor country, which will be a weak and dependent satellite of the European Union. And even if the new authorities of Ukraine, which may come after the elections-2019, will take a course on its restoration, this process will take them at least 12-15 years.