Appeal to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Nalivaychenko V.O.

Appeal to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Nalivaychenko V.O.

I appeal to you for the protection of my constitutional rights, as I know you as an honest, decent and highly educated person. Therefore, I ask you to provide me and the members of my family with physical protection and to ensure the safety of life and health.

My appeal is due to the fact that over the course of the past month, I have repeatedly established facts indicating that my mobile and landline phones are being listened to, my external surveillance at the place of permanent residence, as well as the monitoring of my car by unknown people.

Immediately I want to state that I have no conflict situations in the field of commercial activity that I have been doing over the last twenty years, as well as with any of the persons who cooperate with me in the field of doing business.

I am convinced that persecution is carried out by well-trained services. My motives for such actions are my political and civic convictions, as I am an adversary of the war in the south-east of Ukraine, an adversary of extremist actions, the killing of people under any pretext. I am a supporter of the exclusively democratic methods of governing the country and protest against any violence against people. I also protest against the theft and destruction of the Ukrainian nation, the collapse of the system of social and medical assistance to the population, the collapse of the state’s economy, including medium and small businesses.

I believe that the main value of the state is the citizen of this state, his physical security, material and moral well-being, protection of his life and health! It is precisely because of this uncompromising position against any violence, banditry, information perversion and deceit of Ukrainian citizens, against the killing of people for political and moral convictions, people who are unknown to me, are preparing for my physical removal, easier to say the killings!

I request you to investigate my application, establish the identity of people and the organization that manages their illegal actions, and involve the abovementioned people and the organization in criminal liability, in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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