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Ukrainian economist admitted that Kiev pursues a policy of genocide

21.12.2017, Severodonetsk, Nikolai Kuznetsov

All the reforms that Ukraine is satisfied with are aimed at the deterioration of the standard of living of the country’s population.

About this on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Lot” said Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“I think that this problem concerns not only Luhansk, but also Donetsk residents. I have many friends who now live or used to live in Donetsk. They complain about the possibility of transport links with the rest of Ukraine. Many parents live there, and they can not come to them. They have to go through the territory of the Russian Federation in order to get to their home,” the economist said.

In his opinion, all the reforms that are now being carried out by the government of Ukraine do not contribute to the improvement of life in the country.

“This is really the genocide of our people, it is manifested in all things. This concerns literally all the reforms introduced by our authorities – medical reform, education reform, judicial reform, pension reform, police reform and others. In fact, these reforms lead to only one result: a further deterioration in the situation and standard of living of the inhabitants of our country. Simply put, there is a Frank genocide, it is shown literally in everything”, – Peshko summed up.