Cancer treatment – maybe today!

Cancer treatment – maybe today!

Humanity is on the verge of a possible catastrophe. This is the threat of the Third World War!

No less serious threat to humanity is the severe diseases such as cancer, AIDS, various severe autoimmune diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, rheumatism, glomerulonephritis, and others).

I would really like the leadership of America and European countries to help humanity, using its huge financial capabilities, not to fuel the war in my native Ukraine, but to develop methods of treatment and prevention of the so-called severe illnesses that I call people to suffer and die in people’s torture. -any nationalities, political views and beliefs. Moreover, we should pay attention to the leaders of America, European countries, Ukraine and Russia, which, unfortunately, in the structure of mortality after cardiovascular diseases oncology problems are in second place, almost all over the world.

It is known to all doctors and even policemen that in cancer patients suffering from these ailments, different protein and other molecular-chemical structures appear in the blood that appear in the body of women during pregnancy (alpha-fetoprotein and other substances). These changes in the blood of cancer patients, as well as in the blood of pregnant women, are accompanied by severe oppression of the immune system, mainly affects the so-called T-cellular system, which is responsible for antitumor and antiviral protection. In parallel, there is also a less pronounced inhibition of antibacterial, so-called B-cell immunity. Attention is drawn to the fact that the larger the size of the fetus in the body of the pregnant woman and the larger the size of the tumor, the stronger the suppressed immunity. The oppression of immunity in the body of a pregnant woman is most expressed, as a rule, at 4,5,6 months of gestation, that is, while there is a rapid growth of less differentiated cells and tissues of the fetus, which is also characteristic of cells of the malignant tumor (the less differentiated tumor cells, the sooner they divide, that is, the tumor grows and the stronger they suppress the immunity). Unfortunately, in cancerous diseases, cells of organs and tissues damaged by mutation grow and share with their rapid dedifferentiation (that is, the rapid loss of damaged tissue with its high specializedism).

For example, if kidney cells perform the function of purifying blood from various toxins and slags, then when damaged by their cancer process, they lose this opportunity and are no longer able to perform work to protect the human body from various products of decomposition of proteinaceous substances and other toxic substances. Unlike the cancer process in the body of a pregnant woman, the growth of the fetus is accompanied by an increase in tissue differentiation and there is a constant increase in the immune response. Upon completion of the processes of differentiation of organs and tissues of the fetus, that is, when the child in the womb becomes fully formed and ready for birth, and for independent life, in the body of the pregnant woman, the activity of T-cell immunity sharply and, as a rule, potentially increases, as we have already said provides the body with a mother protection from any foreign protein structures, including the mother’s body produces antibodies in relation to its own fetus. As a result, there is a rejection of the already formed viable fetus, resulting in childbirth and a new man appears on the world of God.

The above facts indicate that when the process of growth and differentiation of the tissue terminates in the fetal body, it stops the production of fetal growth proteins by hormonal proteins and the like. Structures suppressing T-cell immunity (ie antitumor immunity) against foreign mutant cells. At birth and in the first 2-5 hours after them in the body of mothers there is a strong activation of anticoagulant (antitumor) immunity. It is not hard to guess that if the blood is mature at this time in certain quantities (this is a separate information) to enter cancer patients, it will help to destroy the corresponding volumes of cancer cells (of course, that blood transfusion must be carried out taking into account the blood group, Rh factor, biocompatibility and absence in the history of a pregnant woman with relatives suffering from oncology)

Someone seems strange, but the blood born in the state is also able to perform a substitution function in the hole immunity of patients suffering from AIDS. And also this blood is able to increase the activity of not only antitumor and antibacterial immunity, but also the activity of reparative processes in patients after severe injuries and operations. Blood pregnant women at certain periods of pregnancy (3-6 months) has a pronounced immunosuppressive (ie, overwhelming immunity action) is able to suppress the autoimmune processes in the body of patients with rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

Summarizing the above information, it is not difficult to understand that the study of blood in pregnant women gives us the opportunity to treat the most difficult and deadly diseases.

Of course, the information presented in my appeal to the leaders of the most developed countries of the world, not interested in these problems, big businessmen, is general and popular. In fact, for a serious description of all the opportunities that we provide in the deep molecular genetic, immunobiological and clinical studies of these processes, much more printed pages with more difficult and specialized terminology are required. I am ready to share my thoughts and knowledge with those people who sincerely want to work for the good of humanity. In advance, I warn that detailed information is much more complicated and, accordingly, may only be available to non-ordinary professionals in the field of medicine and biology.

Paradoxically, the fact that treatment of cancer as well as AIDS is possible today, but for this it is necessary that the development of the above scheme is carried out by leading experts of the world, uniting their efforts. I am ready to work as a scientific advisor or supervisor in these studies, which in fact can give humanity much more information and opportunities for treating not only the above-mentioned illnesses, but also solving biotechnology issues for the production of animal protein products artificially.

With deep respect for the leaders of the leading countries of the world – and all the representatives of the human race

Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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